Based on the Realtime, Conflict-Free StenEd Theory

StenEd strongly recommends that students use the StenEd translating dictionaries beginning with theory and throughout their training. Once students have a strong background in realtime StenEd theory, they can effectively use the StenEd dictionaries -- in realtime whenever possible -- to build speed and perfect their writing and transcription skills. Upon graduation, they will have the most important tool that will serve them during their entire career -- their own personal translating dictionary.

As with all translating dictionaries, the StenEd CAT and job dictionaries can be personalized by the school or individual (i.e., entries can be altered, added, or deleted). Remember that StenEd dictionaries have been carefully created to be free of conflicts. Extreme care should be taken to avoid inadvertently adding any conflicting entries.

StenEd Translating Dictionaries

Item #TranDict1 includes both StenEd##, the Main Translating Dictionary and MedSted##, the Medical Job Translating Dictionary

Note: The ## refers to the year the dictionary was last updated.  
The date may be different for different CAT systems. The last major update was in 2005.

StenEd Main Translating Dictionary (StenEd##)
Medical Job Translating Dictionary (MedSted##)

Important Information About CAT Dictionary Formats!

The various CAT systems each have unique dictionary format requirements. Thus, when requesting a translating dictionary, you must indicate which translation system(s) you are using. 

Some CAT systems include the StenEd translating dictionary(ies) with their software and you have the option of activating it to be your personal dictionary. Ask your CAT rep if that option is available for you.  Similarly, many schools teaching StenEd provide their students with the StenEd CAT dictionary(ies) as part of their training. 

If neither of these options is available to you, you can always purchase the StenEd CAT dictionary directly from us. We currently offer three formats.
Eclipse® (by Advantage Software)
Case CATalyst® (by Stenograph)

If the StenEd translating dictionary isn't available in your CAT format, we can also provide a copy in RTF/CRE (Rich Text Format/Court Reporter Extensions) for you or your CAT company to convert to their system. (Before doing this, we suggest you ask the CAT company if they already have the StenEd translating dictionary in their CAT format.)

Always proof any conversion carefully since conversions are not flawless. Sometimes formatted items may be lost.

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