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StenEd has been partnering with Realtime Learning Systems, Inc. and Advantage Software, Inc. to help create interactive tutorials for learning realtime steno. These tutorials are administered by their respective software companies.

StenEd® has provided the StenEd lessons for learning theory as well as much of the content for the beyond theory lessons for Realtime Coach®. We have also provided the StenEd theory lessons for the Eclipse Lesson Player®.

Realtime Coach®
(Software by Realtime Learning Systems, Inc.)
Realtime Learning Systems has created a phenomenal online tutorial which incorporates audio and video into the interactive steno lessons.

Realtime Coach is theory independent (you can translate the lessons against the translating dictionary--theory or personal--of your choice) and is compatible with all major CAT systems.
We are proud that Realtime Learning, Inc. has chosen mostly StenEd material (theory exercises, vocabulary practice, speedbuilding takes, etc.) as the basis for the Realtime Coach content.

Material from the following StenEd texts has been incorporated into the Realtime Coach tutorials.      
  • StenEd Realtime Theory     (StenEd Item #101)     
  • Theory Reinforcement Takes     (StenEd Item #111)      
  • Vocabulary Development     (StenEd Item #201)     
  • 10 Steps to Realtime Writing     (StenEd Item #151)
  • Medical Terminology/Anatomy for Stenotypists, Volumes 1 & 2  (StenEd Items #451A & 451B
  • Speedbuilding for Court Reporting, Volumes 1 & 2   (StenEd Items #401 & #402)
Realtime Coach has programs designed for both students and professionals. Whether you're a teacher, a beginner learning on campus, learning online, or an experienced writer wanting to refine your skills, Realtime Coach might be just what you're looking for.

For more information and/or a demo, please visit their web site at

Lesson Player® by Eclipse
(Software by Advantage Software, Inc.)
Lesson Player is an interactive tutorial which Eclipse now includes with their CAT system.

The 180+ exercises that are part of the 40 StenEd lessons in StenEd's Realtime Theory text are now available in the Eclipse Lesson Player format.

Schools teaching StenEd Realtime Theory and using the Eclipse CAT system may use these tutorials at no additional cost.

For more information and/or a demo, please visit their web site at

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